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Le Relais d’Entrecote

Sure, this place can be found throughout Paris and even in New York but it’s a must-try if you’ve never been. They only serve one thing: steak (entrecôte) and fries. They don’t take reservations and it gets busy so plan accordingly. I’ve eaten at their original location in Paris and in New York and have yet to have a bad meal. There is something to be said about consistency when it comes to restaurants, am I right?

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Eric Kayser

This might start riot, but until I taste differently {and, to be fair, I have a lot more market research to do}, I still think the best baguette in Paris can be found at any Eric Kayser boulangerie. There, I said it 😬. When I was 23, I booked a solo trip from NYC -> Paris in May and one of my favorite memories is getting a baguette from Eric Kayser, walking back to my airBnB, and realizing with the summer light it was 10pm. I hadn’t even realized the time because the sun was still up! Realizing I probably wouldn’t make it to a dinner spot in time, I stopped to get a bottle of champagne on my way home. That night’s dinner consisted of eating the most amazing baguette, sipping on the best drug store champagne (let’s be honest—everything is better in Paris), eating that day’s chocolate bounty, and watching the Eiffel Tower dazzle from my airBnB’s window. These pictures are from that night — so I apologize for the quality, but I love that this night isn’t just left to memory.


P.S. The airBnB is still listed! I know I listed a lot of $$ places to stay in Paris but for those looking for a safe and clean place without breaking the bank…check it out here. The host was so friendly, and ended up having to leave for the weekend but volunteered to connect me to her friends my age. So, even though I was alone in Paris, I spent my first night in Paris with a group of expats. Now, that’s hospitality!


Three Chocolate Shops Not to be Missed

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  1. La Maison du Chocolat - When you think chocolate shop in Paris, you should think of this place because it was Paris’ first store dedicated solely to the chocolate experience. It’s been around since 1977.

  2. Jacques Genin - His chocolates are a work of art and visiting one of his stores is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

  3. Jean Charles Rochoux - It’s on David Lebovitz’s short list of best chocolate shops in Paris. Read and watch here.


10 Touristy Things to do in Paris:

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