Hi, I’m Amie. I love helping individuals scale their dreams into reality and small businesses grow into their potential. I started off in New York City in print advertising--interning for W magazine and working under celebrity stylists on ad campaigns for Vogue Mexico, Bal Harbour, and JC Penny. After college, I moved into the digital world.

Professionally, I have worked for some of the biggest advertising agencies on the Kraft Foods and Mondelez accounts to deliver and optimize digital advertising campaigns. Then I switched to the publisher side and worked for the online publisher, on digital advertising campaigns for brands like Smuckers, Dyson, and Revlon. Interested in tech, I moved on to work for a software company in Sales, Legal, and Operations.

Over the past five years, I have been providing freelancing services to individuals and small businesses to build out their digital, tech, and operational needs. I enjoy helping people map out business processes and creating efficient workflows. I like to stay up to date with digital trends and I'm always on the hunt for best tools to make the web work for you instead of you working for the web.

If we work together, you can expect transparency and communication. I am detail-oriented and always make decisions that are best for you and your business long-term. If you need help with the digital side of your business or marrying the physical and digital elements, get in touch