The Progress, San Francisco

The Progress continued the steady stream of good meals over the course of a weekend in San Francisco. Our waiter (I hate that I can’t remember his name now) made the meal exceptional with his kindness, patience, and humor. It’s easy to feel like another table to be turned over in a popular spot, but our waiter made us feel at home and at ease to linger over last bites and final sips.

My friend and I started with the caviar potato cloud and the local boquerones. It’s truly amazing how many ways caviar can be eaten and The Progress’ presentation and preparation was outstanding and unique with the potato foam and fried potato bits. The boquerones dish was amazing, but more importantly the boquerones stood on their own, which is always a testament to the quality of fish.

Next, we ordered the lamb leg tartare with raisins, pistachio, and mint elements that played together well with the gamey leg taste. The blistered sugar snap peas with ricotta and preserved lemon sparked with the dash of chili. And, in case we had not consumed enough wildlife by this point, the rabbit & duck agnolotti ended the meal on the same wonderful note this meal started on.