New Years Eve at The Saguaro, Palm Springs


My husband and I spent NYE in Palm Springs and stayed at The Saguaro. Since it was around NYE, hotels were mostly booked and rates are typically higher than normal so we ended up paying $344/night for a King size bed with a pool view.

The lobby is super fun, which gave us high hopes for the room. We stayed in Palm Springs for our mini-moon and already had one bad hotel experience under our belt so we were nervous. As it turns out, you have to go outside of the hotel to get to your room. There are no elevators in convenient spots, and the staircase situation is confusing. We kept making jokes about the layout such as “if you want to go up, you gotta go down” and the likes. Just imagine a normal hotel layout and imagine everything being inverted — that’s The Saguaro.

Now the room — it was clean and colorful, but beyond this I was unimpressed. There is no central air, and our wall unit made an awful I-think-something-is-loose sound when it was on. There were two lamps and a hallway light, but no light in the main room so it was pretty dark. Essentially the room was a very nicely done lightly-remodeled and re-painted motel room. I get supply and demand, but all in all, I would not pay more than $200/night to stay here — maybe $250. At $344/night, before tax and fees, I would just splurge a little more and stay at a nicer place.