Lunch at Zuni Café

I fell in love with food writing reading The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz. I read the whole book sitting on the steps of the pool in my childhood home's backyard. I spent the afternoon giggling at the author's adventures and misadventures as an expat in Paris and falling more and more in love with the idea of moving to Paris. 

lunch at zuni cafe
Zuni Cafe on Rose Street

Lebovitz put Chez Panisse and Zuni Cafe on my food hitlist having worked at both during his time around and in San Francisco. Zuni Cafe is not new to the San Francisco food scene--it's been around since 1979, and after 40 years it still shows up on recommended food lists in a city with the most Michelin stars. In a handful of responses to my ask for San Francisco recommendations on Instagram, Zuni Cafe was on the list, so I landed with one destination in mind for a Friday afternoon lunch.

oysters at Zuni Cafe in San Francisco

Alone, I was devastated to miss out on the famous roast chicken for two, but the smell of it cooking filled every square inch of the two story cafe. It was one of those scents that evokes a feeling you know will linger in your memories. I certainly won't be back again without more stomachs. As a pacifier, I ordered a dozen oysters and a glass of rosé, only to see, as I took a sip, that I was watching people stroll by from the corner of Market and...Rose street. Rosé on Rose-- if ever a street needed a wine bar more. Next, I enjoyed the Zuni Caesar salad after seeing one yelp review after another raving about it. I learned a while ago that when people are highly reviewing a salad, order it. I stopped short of getting the cookies with pistachio milk, a decision I have frequently regretted in the days since. 

I left Zuni Cafe full and happy knowing I'll be back. I'm confident it will still be there.