I started designing websites as a side gig, and I found that I enjoy the creative process. It inspired me to start working on my own site (this site) and I began with the Paris city guide. I got utterly enamored with the process.

Someone asked me how I did it, and I didn't know how to answer the question. Sure, I could list off the tools and platforms I used, but besides that, it was a creative expression that came from within me not just the output of tools, techniques, and platforms. It was then that I truly understood what it feels like to be inspired to create.

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For a few days, I was afraid to start on the next city guide because I was fearful that the inspiration for the first one was a one-time thing. However, I sat down, and it happened again. Not only did that inspired feeling emerge, but I ended up creating something I loved even more than the last one.

I was explaining this to my mom over brunch the other day. I have worked for so long in roles that lack creative space, and suddenly I have begun to realize that the day-to-day frustrations of those jobs might be from a creative void. When I finished, my mom asked, "Amie, when did you decide you were not creative?"

Her question made me realize creativity was a choice, and if that is not the most inspiring thought, then I don't know what is.

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