I'm reading Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes because I’m traveling to Italy in July, and I want to connect with where I''m going. Today, last night's chapter on the meaning of home has stuck with me.

"Never casual, the choice of place is the choice of something you crave."

Under the tuscan sun italy

I have only thought of places in terms of possibility, but how you view a place and its role in your life changes when you consider it through the lens of a craving. Possibility and cravings don't always overlap.

So why Italy? I decided after my first trip to Italy, in high school, that if I had not made it back by my thirtieth birthday, then I would use thirty as my excuse to go back. Out of all the promises I've made to myself over the years, I've managed to keep this one. 

Is this satisfying seventeen-year-old Amie's craving or did seventeen-year-old Amie know something thirty-year-old Amie didn't? I'll find out. Maybe there was a feeling that resonated with me back then and I knew there was a possibility that Italy would be just the thing for what I am craving at this juncture in my life. Maybe, possibility and craving overlap after all.

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