A Pasta Tasting Menu at Flour + Water

That’s right. A. PASTA. TASTING. MENU.

I’ve been wanting to eat at Flour + Water since 2013. The times I could’ve eaten here, I was alone and while I don’t mind dining alone, I draw the line at a pasta tasting menu solo. Not so much because I wouldn’t be comfortable doing this alone but I don’t think people around me would be comfortable with how absolutely shameless I can be when it comes to eating pasta.

TL;DR: Eat here. Do the pasta tasting menu.

All of the dishes had surprising and interesting flavors. There was a dish with curry butter that has inspired me to play around with more curry on pasta night—something I have never thought to do. The pea leaf spaghetti with clams topped with seaweed breadcrumbs made a common dish feel new. I enjoyed tortellini en brodo for the very first time and was not disappointed. This was followed by a rich tortelletti with some kind of ponzu-like sauce. Lastly, veal, anchovy, morels and ramp leaves with cappellacci dei briganti, a hat-shaped pasta.

If you are unfamiliar with Italian wines beyond Chianti then the wine pairings are a great tour of Italian wines. The wine pairing with the asparagus & green doppio with lime leaf, curry butter & mint salmoriglio stood out, and gave me a new reason to look forward to exploring the Liguria region of Italy later this year.

Overall, the Flour + Water pasta tasting was a great showcase of pasta and Italian wine. If you love pasta, you’ll be pleased and if you find pasta boring, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I look forward to returning again, but in the meantime I’ll be cooking my way through their cookbook.